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Streamlined payment processing on a single platform



Get consumer profiling and detailing with a single tap



Make better decisions with enriched data and error-free reports

Enhanced consumer engagement with the best financial experience.

Transform your customers into brand advocates with hassle-free financial interactions fit for the digital age.




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Streamline financial transactions with a unified platform.

Payment processing switch that integrates seamlessly with the CBS System. Operate, onboard, track, and manage merchants better with a user-friendly Merchant Management Framework.

Connected embedded finance and integrated solutions.

Single-platform integration for multiple pay-ins and payouts.

Fully automated financial transactions and expense management.

Suitable for every business.

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“Swift response in operational bottlenecks”
The Neokred team has always been swift with their responses in case we faced any kind of bottleneck during the operation.
Sagar Menon, CEO, Giverly

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Just drop us a line. See how we make business finances easy for you!
Just drop us a line. See how we make business finances easy for you!

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