Enriching experience that
goes beyond just banking

Redefining financial possibilities:

The Neokred Story

At the heart of Neokred's ethos lies the belief that experiences related to any business should be more than just transactions. It should be a journey enriched with experience. It is these experiences that turn transactions into relationships and relationships into memories. So, the idea behind Neokred remains simple: to be the cornerstone of insight-driven financial excellence that transcends industries.


Be the guiding light in defining consumer journeys and creating more rewarding, personalised experiences.


Crafting a seamless BFSI ecosystem by facilitating diverse industries with integrated intuitive solutions powered by superior embedded financial and profiling technologies.

Meet the team


Rohith Reji


Vivek Sridhar

Managing Director

Tarun Nazare

COO | Director

Hariharashudhan V K

President - Director of Business Development

Dipali Padia


Awards & Honours

Here's some of them:

Top Startup to watch 2023

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Dipali Padia - Women Leadership in Banking & Insurance - 2023

Brand Values


Neokred, as a brand, values an out-of-the-box solution to business problems. The brand stands for novelty and innovation that help it solve problems beyond the ordinary.


The brand does not just offer solutions but also brings its expertise in solving problems to the forefront, establishing itself as a thought leader.


Neokred, as a brand, values the importance of trust. The emphasis is always on being transparent in the operation, which adds to the credibility of the brand and helps build trust.


The core team comes with a strong pedigree in their respective fields and is hence knowledgeable enough to drive the success of others.


Neokred values its ability to use creativity to find a solution to complex problems, underlying its resourcefulness.


Neokred and its ability to empathise with the client's problems make it stand out from its competitors. It understands and values the pain points in the clients' journey and musters solutions suited to their needs.


Dependability as a value is embedded within the ethos of Neokred. It helps to create trust about how the client's data is being handled and is safe from tampering and leaks.

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